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The Revbox is fast becoming what it was always designed to be, the preferred trainer of choice for those wanting to;

Perfect muscle tone, strength and stamina.
Engage & train all lower muscle groups evenly.
Achieve more in less time with an efficient system.
Lose fat, gain tone and become more fit.
Train anywhere at any time.

1. Injection moulded blades which gain very little forward momentum, if any, equaling the very low inertia.
2. ABS side panels that are extremely durable, lightweight and rigid.
3. CNC precision machined components and parts.
4. Protective mesh casing for a safe, fully enclosed unit.
5. CNC machined aluminum support stand for ultimate stabilisation.
6. Removable stabiliser leg made from stainless steel.

Compatible with all conventional road bicycles (10/11 speed) by simply removing the rear wheel. 
RR and MTB through axle conversion kits are available as well.

The main part of the unit is made of a specially machined hub that holds nine aluminium fan blades. This fan forms the heart of the trainer and operates almost entirely without centrifugal mass, giving the Revbox its very Low Inertia. The dimensions of the blades have been carefully designed to promote a resistance range that allows incredibly high power output training at even very low pedal speeds. This means that the athlete does not at any point in the 360° pedal stroke receive any assistance from the weight of the flywheel, as is the case with most other trainers. 

Low inertia? This is best described as riding uphill or against the wind. It can also be described as a light, hollow ball, rolled alongside a solid metal ball (representing High Inertia) - the metal ball will roll much further and gain momentum with the same amount of assistance. High Inertia trainers do not provide the rider with the workout needed to achieve the best results - as it constantly assists their pedal stroke therefore, results from a Low Inertia trainer come out on top every time.

As well as the low inertia - the fan creates an audible feedback for the rider - enabling them to achieve an even and smooth pedaling motion. If the rider succeeds in generating a sound from the Revbox that is even and constant throughout the pedal stroke, they can be sure that they are training all muscles equally. This is an invaluable advantage that no other trainer on the market can rival meaning the Revbox creates training conditions that are accurate and efficient, achieving far more in less time. 

High-precision training with the Revbox can be repeated in a controlled environment, independent of environmental factors. Being compact, light in weight (under 10kgs) without the need for an external power source - the Revbox is an ideal trainer to use anywhere you desire to ride. Be it on the deck, at your favourite lookout, in front of the TV, in your home gym or take it with you on holiday - you control the environment you train in. The Revbox carry case makes it even easier to travel with and protects it while on the go or even while in storage.

The entire unit is fully enclosed with a protective metal mesh casing - keeping object and even little fingers away from the fan. With the removal of one bolt - the casing will easily slide around the unit to become open - allowing the user to add weights to the fan. The removable stainless steel stabilisation legs are also designed with safety in mind, preventing movement and wobble when riding and ensuing a secure stable experience when on the bike.
The Revbox comprises of top-end, precision machined components, making it durable and super strong. Unlike other trainers on the market which use a lot of plastics - the Revbox is designed with longevity in mind as well as easy to replace parts and accessories.

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