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BrandsPass was born from a team sportsprenuers who had 10 years of experience running an e-commerce store and organizing sports events. We felt that the lack of choice of quality sports brands especially in Asia could be addressed by starting an e-commerce store for high quality sports brands and expanding its stable of participating brands and number of customers.

We also thought that to better serve customers, many things in e-commerce could be improved and we’ve incorporated features in BrandsPass for this. As a customer, you get generous coupons, double the points when you make a purchase, content to help your training, recovery, performance improvements, contests and most of all, be able to buy directly from the brand thus bypassing distributors, reducing the prices of sports goods and services.

All this became our next big project and 1 year later, BrandsPass was born. We hope you like the site but more importantly look through our products and services and see how they can help you, the athlete.

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