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cool your body with Freeze Tech Ice Attack

  Freeze Tech Inner Leggings, Full Length, White

You can freeze even when you sweat in hot weather! The new Freeze Tech legging’s fabric cools you down via special compounds which makes your skin feel like ice when you sweat. Ideal for runners, motor/cyclists, soldiers and anyone wanting the increased performance and comfort from the cooling effect while wearing it over their loose pants.

The leggings can be worn with Freeze Tech's other apparel like Shirt with Long Sleeves or Short Sleeves, Neck Bandanna or Inner Cap.

Freeze Tech Cooling Fabric


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Features of Freeze Tech Apparel

Cools Your Body Even In the Heat
FREEZE TECH has a special cold feeling chemical technology inserted into a fabric using a unique printing process only available from Freeze Tech. When the fabric absorbs sweat generated from the human skin or other sources like rain and mist, the temperature of the fabric drops due to the special chemicals and its enhanced quick drying capabilities. These chemicals are natural, nontoxic and nonalcoholic.

Freeze Tech test, body temperature seen tru infrared camera before cold effect starts 
Freeze Tech test, body temperature seen tru infrared camera after cold effect starts

These photos shows the body temperature of a cyclist before and after 2 minutes of using the Freeze Tech apparel while riding on a bicycle machine. The body temperature is measured using an infrared imager and it shows the cyclist's body temperature dropping by as much as 4oC in a test environment.

Sweat Absorbing & Quick Drying
The fabric quickly absorbs sweat an water and then dries it quickly. Even if you sweat a lot, the fabric dries faster than equivalent quick dry fabrics so you will always feel dry and comfortable.

Antibacterial & Anti Odour
The fabric has long lasting antibacterial and antiodor qualities to suppress the growth of bacteria in the fibers and suppress unpleasant body odors. You no longer have to be embarrassed by body odors when you are outdoors.

Protection from Harmful Ultraviolet Radiation
High level of ultraviolet light (UV) protection. Harmful UV radiation is blocked by the Freeze Tech fabric which has a UV shield rating of UPF* 40 which blocks 97% of UV radiation. Singapore and all ASEAN countries suffer from excessive levels of harmful UV radiation due to their location near the equator. Excessive exposure to UV radiation is known to cause skin cancer, painful sunburns, premature skin ageing, eye cataracts, suppression of the immune system and skin darkening.

UV Index and time taken to cause sunburn

Singapore's National Environment Agency (NEA) data shows that Singapore experiences excessive and harmful levels of UV radiation all year round. Singapore regularly hits the "Very High" and "Excessive" levels throughout the year so if you spend time outdoors, you should protect yourself from the harmful effects of UV light.

UV radiation types and how it damages human skin layers.

You can check Singapore's daily UV index here

* UPF or Ultraviolet Protection Factor is an index that measures ultraviolet protection in garments. It measures both UV A and UV B types of ultraviolet radiation, both of which damage human skin

Extremely Comfortable, Stretchable and Silky Smooth.
The Freeze Tech Fabric has a silky smooth texture which feels sensual on the skin. The fabric has has excellent stretchability- vertical and horizontal contraction and expansion is smooth and almost unlimited which gives you smooth and very flexible movement.

How to Activate The Cold Effect When You Are Not Sweating
When Freeze Tech absorbs sweat or moisture, the temperature of the fabric drops and you can feel the cold feeling. If you find it difficult to sweat or want to activate the cold feeling without sweat, moisten the fabric with water and squeeze it lightly to activate the cold feeling.

Increased Effectiveness In A Windy Environment
The cold effect is even stronger when the fabric is exposed to wind. If you run, motorcycle, bicycle or are in a windy place, you will feel even colder because the cold effect is enhanced. The cold effect is enhanced even more if you are not wearing any clothes over the Freeze Tech apparel.

Freeze Tech and Wind to enhance the cold effect

 High Quality Materials
Freeze Tech fabric are made from high quality, high performance materials. It is fully made and sewn in Japan. Everything from the yarn, thread, fabric, sewing, dyes and printing is fully sourced from Japanese suppliers and manufacturers.  

Hi quality, high performance cooling fabric, yarn and threads are fully made in Japan.

Please refer to the size table below and measure your body to find the right size. Due to the risk of Covid-19 infection, we are unable to accept returns due to wrong sizes.






Small (not available)



71cm ~ 77cm









XL (not available)


97cm ~ 103cm


Washing Instructions
Freeze Tech's apparel are easy to wash, just soak in soapy water for 10 minutes and rinse a few times followed by spin drying in a washing machine for a few minutes. Finish by drying preferably on a flat surface away. You can also wash in a washing machine, preferably on gentle setting and using a laundry net.

Do not wring, iron, use bleach or tumble dry.

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