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High-performance white crew sock developed for ultratrail, offering additional support and padding for optimal protection during long races

Jordi, Diego and Seb can confirm, 100 miles is a long, long way. And they can also confirm it's even longer if your feet are in bits. Originally designed for the brutal demands of the UTMB, you will be forgiven for wearing these protective socks during other ultras across the globe. Based on the Pro Racing Socks Trail, this long distance trail sock provides a reinforced Achilles strap for increased and incredibly stable support. Multiplied 3D.Dots absorb a maximum of shocks and vibration from the constantly varying terrain, as well as cleverly prevent bruising on the inside leg and malleolus caused by flying feet. The toe box is particularly reinforced and padded to protect toes and nails on relentless, technical descents. On the mid and forefoot sections, the dots combined with a 360° arch support prevent the material from twisting, thus reducing the risk of blisters and offering increased stability. Targeted compression boosts blood flow to delay fatigue and allow you to keep running through the night. Take your cues from our pros and conquer the toughest, roughest terrain in the unrockable blue Ultra Trail Socks.


Maximum comfort provided by additional padding and a reinforced toe box, specifically designed for the demands of ultra-distance races

Increased stability and proprioception for a reassuring, supportive feel and hightened foot awareness, encouraging you to be extra-consciousness of foot placement in rough and rocky terrain

Specific muscle support and injury prevention thanks to targeted compression and reduced vibration in the ankle and lower calf

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