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Condition your body with graduated compression calf sleeves. C3fit calf sleeves aid smooth blood flow and suppress muscle vibration. Both work to maintain body's condition and to enhance performance.

Calf muscles are often referred to as the "secondary heart". The pumping action of the calf muscle supports the blood circulation throughout the body. We call this pumping action, the "milking action." The precise graduated compression design aids this milking action to enhance blood circulation, to reduce swelling, and to condition one's body.

The calf sleeves can be worn as conditioning wear in various scenes such as work, travel, and for recovery purposes to regulate the blood flow and support your muscles.

Compression design suppresses muscle vibration to enhance performance. Calf sleeves are not only effective during long runs but also for sports requiring instantaneous movements.

Smart Seam Technology

Unique tape is used to cover the inside seam to prevent from embracing marks on the skin. C3fit original nylon material provides great stretch and fit, suitable for long hours of use.

UV ray protection
UV protective fabric (UPF 40; UV blocking rate of 90%) helps to minimize skin damage and reduces skin's UV radiation exposure.

Certified General Medical Device in Japan.

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