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It is an ON/OFF material that is extremely flexible, since it can be stretched or compressed in a remarkable way thanks to its thousands of alveoli.

In this way, it expands during physical exertion allowing ventilation of the body and avoiding unnecessary overheating, while preventing the suffocation of the athlete.

In contrast, when the moment of rest comes, the fabric is compressed and body temperature is maintained.

The latter is eminently necessary, as it is proven that a sudden change in temperature after physical fatigue involves problems with biomechanical operation.

In this way, Trail/Running Ultra Tank Top for Women V2 from Compressport becomes a high quality accessory that perfectly adapts to the moments of sustained effort and pause for physical recovery.

Understanding the operation of the human body is fundamental for designing garments for sports.

Therefore, 3D DOTS fabric that expand and contract have gained predilections in the design of clothing for athletes.

This is due to the biomechanical and anatomical features of the organism.

All people experience changes when they make a sustained and intense body effort, as is the case with athletes in general.

The first thing that happens is that the body temperature increases, there is an abundant sweating and the body starts to demand a greater oxygen flow.

In order to comply with this last requirement, the nostrils are expanded and there is also a dilatation of the rib cage that can cause suffocation if a tight shirt is worn.

Therefore, the product described herein has the property of expanding along with the rib cage.

Then, when the moment of rest comes, the body contracts and it is necessary to avoid a rapid drop in temperature.

These two aspects are taken into account in the design of Trail/Running Ultra Tank Top for Women V2 from Compressport, which has won thousands of fans in the sports world thanks to its undoubted advantages.

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