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  • COMFORT AND SUPPORT - The Airfit Compression Sleeves for the knee is known the be one of the most comfortable sleeves on the market. Made of high-quality and breathable anti-slip fabric, the Airfit Compression Sleeves provides proper pressure where needed while also working to support the joint. Overall, this allows the Airfit Compression Sleeves to act as a "personalized" sleeve for anyone!
  • REDUCE KNEE SORENESS - The ergonomic design of the Airfit Compression Sleeves makes it so that your knee joint is supported without getting in the way of anything else. While wearing our sleeve you won't feel any discomfort, rather you'll be able to ball out just like you used to! The fabric is flexible and supports you where needed, so you can know that your regular physical activities won't leave you as sore.
  • PERFECT FOR THE GYM - Whether you work out at home or at the gym, the Airfit Compression Sleeves is perfect for those who worry about muscle soreness or joint pain. Putting too much pressure on your knees while working out can lead to many health problems such as pain, swelling, inflammation, and even more. The Airfit Compression Sleeves prevents this, redistributing the pressure put on your knees and muscles to lower any pain or soreness you'll feel.
  • MULTIPLE SIZING - We know that not everyone can fit into the same sleeve, which is why we created several sizes for the Airfit Compression Sleeves. Each size is designed to mold to your body shape, so no need to worry about an exact fit! Just choose the size that looks right for you, and the Airfit Compression Sleeves will do the rest. Slide it on and observe how the sleeve fits itself into place, it's almost as if it knows exactly where to provide pressure and support!
  • SPEED UP RECOVERY TIME - Gone are the days where you need to abruptly end a work-out session because of knee pain. The advanced therapeutic technology of the Airfit Compression Sleeves makes it so that your knees will receive the proper support it needs. The padding inside the sleeve was crafted with optimal muscle support in mind, it's something that feels so good you just have to try it!


1. Material: Nylon, Spandex, Metal spring, Gel, Reflective Fabric
2. Color: Grey
3. Quantity: Single wrap
4. Length: 32cm/ 12.5inch
5. Function: Protect the knee, prevent arthritis and relieve joint pain
6. Suitable for: Basketball, Volleyball,Tennis, Hiking ,Running,etc.

Package Includes:
1 pcs * kneepad

  • Made of soft breathable fabric with spiral elastic weaving.
  • Silicone crash pad gives sports protection.
  • Spring bar support to prevent from muscle strain and aches.
  • Three dimensional knitting protect from arthritis.
  • Exquisite edge design, warm keeping and health caring.


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